Thursday, April 13, 2006

Paper Shores

Paper Shores I – VII, 2006
Paper dipped in dye and seawater
20cm x 150cm

There are 7 works in this series, referrencing the Seven Seas. Long, narrow strips of paper have been dipped repeatedly in dye mixed with seawater.

The orange is purely personal. It was a cloudy day on the beach in Melbourne with some friends. They were surfing and I wondered at how they could bear to be in that icy grey ocean. I had on 2 jumpers, a parka and I had also brought a very large, very bright orange blanket which I wrapped around me as I stayed on shore watching them. The color of the blanket against the dull gloom of that day will always stay with me.

The first two images are installation views.


Blogger Dana said...

Fascinating. I came upon your blog by chance. Thanks for the read. Loved your description of sitting on the beach in the colorful blanket.

12:43 pm  
Anonymous reza said...

i spilt kari ikan on my shirt one day. the stain was orange in colour.

i feel closer to u now.

6:35 pm  

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